WorkAround was founded by CEO Wafaa Arbash out of her desire to create a sustainable solution to the challenges faced by displaced people. WorkAround offers refugees, displaced persons, and other marginalized communities the opportunity to engage in “micro-work.” Individuals are hired as consultants through the WorkAround platform and then hired by a variety of technology, health, and education firms to provide data management, annotation, and cleaning services.

Investment thesis

To date, WorkAround has helped clients classify expenses into tax codes, annotate breast-tissue to identify regions of interest, and identify drug combinations from clinical trial reports. WorkAround is also meeting the increasing demand of firms to properly prepare data for machine learning algorithms.Previous clients include: Brandeis University, WeWork, Zoominfo, Juniata College, America’s Test Kitchen and Green Line.

Potential refugee impact

To date, WorkAround has signed up over 2000 consultants of which 72% are displaced persons, 85% are college educated, and over 300 have graduate education. While refugees and displaced persons often struggle to find employment in host countries due to legal and logistical restrictions, WorkAround provides convenient and accessible online work opportunities to individuals around the world.


Wafaa Arbash – Co-Founder & CEO
Severin Ibarluzea – Co-Founder & CTO


WorkAround is a social enterprise headquartered in the United States with clients throughout the country. Consultants are located around the world.