Al Shaffaf Plastic Formation Company produces a variety of transparent acrylic plastic products used to store or display advertising signs or retail goods like makeup and sweets. The business purchases acrylic boards in bulk, mainly from Thailand or Taiwan, and then designs and assembles products like decorated boxes, serving trays, custom display units, and even side tables and chairs. Its clients include confectionary shops, hotels, and other retail businesses in the local market and the Gulf Region (United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia).

Investment Thesis

With expansion plans that will enable the company to increase production capacity to 250-400 tons per year, Al Shaffaf is poised for growth.

Refugee Impact

Al Shaffaf qualifies as an R1 and R3 company as it is fully owned by a Syrian refugee and employs Syrian refugees. By supporting Al Shaffaf expansion plans, the company will be able to create more employment opportunities for both Jordanians and refugees (mainly Syrian), and to expand regionally.