Equity Bank is a commercial bank operating in Kenya and Uganda and was the first bank to develop its own agency banking network in Uganda. With donors and humanitarian organizations shifting from in-kind contributions to cash stipends, Equity Bank created has created product tailored for refugees, where they can open bank accounts and receive payments, transact through their agency banking network, and grow their existing businesses as agent bankers or by using their existing general merchandise shops, mobile money stalls, and other businesses. This agent banking network has created job opportunities and improved financial inclusion for refugees and host communities.

Investment Thesis

The agency banking network has created employment opportunities in the refugee and host communities with many refugees as agents and some even expanding to set up general merchandise shops and other stalls.

Refugee Impact

Equity Bank has 242 agent bankers in refugee settlements across Western Uganda to serve this population. The Bank’s products that are tailored for refugees allow them to access a wealth of financial services otherwise inaccessible, making it easier for refugees to grow their businesses.


Derrick Kyambadde is the Projects Supervisor at Equity Bank with over 10 years of professional experience in banking and business growth and development. He oversees managing and coordinating the refugee products and the agency banking network in the refugee host communities. There are 242 agent bankers in refugee settlements across Western Uganda.

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