The Refugee Investment Network (RIN) is unlocking refugee self-reliance by building the investment ecosystem for Refugee Lens Investing (RLI).

By expanding the community of practice for RLI and changing the narrative surrounding refugees, RIN is committed to supporting economies and policies that enable self-reliance and measurably better livelihoods for forcibly displaced people globally.

Today, more than 80 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide, making the resulting dilemma the defining social crisis of our time. Refugees face serious challenges, often stemming from underinvestment and restrictive labor laws. Yet the data show they have enormous untapped potential – refugees are resilient, entrepreneurial, and investable.

As both the magnitude of the crisis and a new appreciation for the corresponding investment opportunity grow, investors are looking for a way to invest in refugees. RIN bridges the gap between refugee investments and a continuum of capital that spans asset classes and geographies, as well as return and impact expectations.

We are building the field of Refugee Lens Investing (RLI) through:

Supporting evidence-based policy change

  • Using data, research, and the economic leverage of our investment network to improve macro and micro policies in support of refugees, including the right to work, the right to bank, and the right to access housing

Mobilizing investment capital

  • Connecting refugee enterprises with capital across the risk/return/impact spectrum (see our Investment Opportunities map)
  • Engaging a range of investors through research, country assessments, and more to demonstrate how investors can mobilize their capital to affect global challenges

Changing the narrative surrounding refugees


What is a refugee investment?