Rural Finance Initiative (RUFI) is a cross-border microfinance institution incorporated in South Sudan and Uganda. RUFI is a leading provider of tailored financial products and services offered to refugees and host communities, despite typical barriers to financial inclusion. These services include loans, money transfers, savings accounts, financial literacy training, and digitalization of Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs). Their vision is “To uplift the living standards of their clients by sustainably providing inclusive financial services.”

Investment Thesis

RUFI is seeking affordable loan capital of USD 625,000 to scale their existing loan portfolio that focuses on refugees, refugee owned businesses and host communities as well as aid the growing cross border trade between South Sudan, West Nile, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Given that refugees have exhibited low default rates and established positive long-term relationships with financial institutions, lowering the risk to lenders, RUFI would like to grow their portfolio and capitalize on these lower risk clients and further lower the cost of borrowing for the end user which typically ranges from 30% – 55% per annum.

Refugee Impact

RUFI has a direct impact on the wellbeing and economic empowerment of refugees. With the provision of inclusive, affordable financial services and financial literacy training, refugees can access funds for investment as well as effectively manage and use them because of their training. Through its market driven approach, RUFI would also provide impactful returns to their investors, widening their impact reach and diversifying their investment portfolio.


RUFI has a team of experts with banking and microfinance experience in the top management positions.

Yengi Lokule – CEO, is a financial services expert.

The CEO is supported by –

  • Four Senior Managers
  • An Operations Manager
  • Four Branch Managers

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