Co-founded by a Syrian refugee and Jordanian partners in 2019, TWIG is a gardening platform that provides trusted landscape services, products, and accessories. TWIG set out to be a key provider in integrated services and products in the gardening and landscaping sector, which empowers members of the working community in the agricultural sector such as gardeners, agriculture engineers, and garden designers to access the market. TWIG offers B2B services to the public and private sector including but not limited to hotels, restaurants, and government agencies and institutions.

Investment Thesis

TWIG is currently working on the development of an online store which will be TWIG’s main revenue stream as the online store will provide gardeners and end customers with all required products, including seeds, tools and equipment, Pesticides and fertilizers. They started a pilot project to train a number of gardeners to be onboarded to their platform. It is within TWIG’s future plans to offer scheduled gardening courses to enable them to expand locally, regionally and internationally.

Refugee Impact

TWIG is co-founded by a refugee and is supporting refugees to generate income and establish their own businesses.

By supporting TWIG with the required funding and with the proper level of support, TWIG will be able to equip refugees from different communities with the required skills to enable them to be onboarded on the platform and become economically empowered by generating sustainable income. It is worth noting that the agriculture sector is one of the sectors that is open for refugees in Jordan through which refugees are allowed to apply for flexible working permits, allowing them to work with different employers at the same time.