Shiffer is a peer-to-peer online logistics platform that connects travelers willing and able to transport physical shipments with individuals needing to ship documents. The company was founded by Azhar Almadani and a team of refugees living in Iraq, Turkey, and the Netherlands. They were motivated by their difficult experiences maintaining accurate documentation across borders.  The prohibitive costs of sending led them to establish Shiffer. Their goal is to reduce costs and shipment times, while lowering carbon emissions for transportation by finding more natural synergies.

Investment thesis

Currently in the pilot stage, with over 800 active users and 160 shipments in April 2019, with 24% monthly growth. Shiffer has won several start-up competitions including the Spark Ignite Conference in Amsterdam, the Jusoor Start Ups Roadshow in Erbil, and they received the People’s Choice Award at the Jusoor Entrepreneurship competition in Beirut. Most recently they were chosen to participate at Startup Turkey 2019.

Potential refugee impact

Founded by Azhar Almadani, a Syrian refugee, Shiffer facilitates affordable and secure document transportation for refugees and other displaced persons qualifies. By reducing shipping costs and transit times, Shiffer helps refugees to save money and better connect with their home countries.


Azhar Almadani – Co-Founder & Operations Manager
Rasheed Almislmany – Co-Founder & CTO
Zahi Almadani – Co-Founder & Finance Manager
Bilal Al Muslimany – Co-Founder & Design Manager


Shiffer is based in Istanbul, Turkey with employees in the Netherlands, Turkey, and Iraq.