Abdulfatah Sabouni is a fourth generation soap maker originally from Aleppo, Syria. Making soap has been his family business for more than 125 years, such that his last name, Sabouni, means soap maker. When Sabouni arrived in Calgary two years ago, he threw himself into learning English and opened Aleppo Savon. For Sabouni, making the world-famous Aleppo soap is his way of giving back to a city and country that has given him and his family so much. Since opening his business, Aleppo Savon has expanded their offerings to include herbal oils, natural teas, honey, and a variety of beauty products.

Investment thesis

Since its founding in 2018, Aleppo Savon has enjoyed considerable success. Currently, Aleppo Savon products are sold at two company owned stores and over 20 vendor locations throughout Canada, along with a successful direct-to-consumer online storefront. As the only producer of Aleppo soap in North America, the company has a unique market advantage which has translated into over $200,000 in sales.

Potential refugee impact

Founded by Abdulfatah Sabouni, a refugee from Syria, Aleppo Savon qualifies as an R1: refugee-owned business.


Abdulfatah Sabouni – Founder & CEO


Aleppo Savon is a refugee-owned enterprise based in Canada.