Voxy provides personalized English language instruction to educational institutions, governments, and corporations across the globe. Launched in 2010, it has been used by millions of learners and hundreds of institutions in over 50 different countries. With annual revenue over $7 million, Voxy is well positioned to be a leader in English language instruction.

Investment thesis

Voxy as a late stage online language-learning platform has served over 4 million customers in 150 countries. Focused on breaking down workplace language barriers, Voxy has built an integrated web and mobile service to allow companies to easily access training, tailor content, and track progress. Their work with Jusoor focused on Syrian refugees illustrates the potential for their product to improve the lives of refugees as well.

Potential refugee impact

In 2018, Voxy announced a collaboration with Jusoor, an international humanitarian NGO committed to empowering Syrian youth, to help hundreds of refugees improve their English language skills. After just three months of instruction, which included over 1,000 live lessons, nearly 80 percent of the refugee students improved their proficiency level, moving from Elementary to Intermediate, according to the Common European Framework of Reference. In February 2019, Voxy announced a partnership with ProLiteracy to provide their tailored online education services to ProLiteracy’s network of 500,000 adult English language learners including immigrants, refugees, and other non-native speakers. Through its recently launched New Americans Initiative, Voxy is directly working with U.S. employers in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors to improve the language proficiency of incumbent refugee workers in support of their workplace and community integration.


Paul Gollash – Founder & CEO
Jan Viviani – CFO & VP of Finance
Katie Nielson, PhD – Chief Education Officer
Anita Absey – Chief Revenue Officer
Chris Osborn – Chief Technology Officer