ACE is both a manufacturer of renewable energy products and a climate fintech pioneer in Energy as a Service (EaaS). Currently, ACE provides the ACE One hybrid energy system for several developing countries. This system offers biomass cooking energy and solar electricity for lighting and phone charging. Over the past 10 years, ACE has distributed over 80,000 units in countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Lesotho, and Cambodia, and is expanding its solution to refugee settlements in Uganda. With thorough data tracking, ACE monitors energy usage and impact at a granular level, including carbon offsets, for each ACE One unit.

Investment Thesis

The total addressable market (TAM) for ACE to provide clean energy solutions is 1,5M refugees in Uganda. ACE is mainly targeting 3 major settlements, Bidibidi, Rhino, and Kyangwali, which as 518,000 refugees (103,600 households), and this will be our serviceable available market (SAM). The serviceable obtainable market (SOM) for ACE for this project is 35,000 refugee households, which accounts for 34% of the total population of those 3 settlements.

Refugee Impact

ACE has successfully piloted a project in Kyangwali refugee settlement, Uganda, by using a referral discount model to offset customer acquisition costs and increase affordability of clean fuels. The solution was provided to 700 targeted households (70% refugees, 30% host communities) at an affordable price.


Ruben Walker, Founder and CEO
Rethabile Mafura, Lesotho Country Director
Tyra Oduttu, East Africa Regional Director
Judith Joan Walker, COO
Andra Du Plooy, Global Financial Controller
Tyler Sanderson, East Africa Operations Director