Since its founding in 2018, Mruna’s mission has been to bring decentralized wastewater treatment to communities lacking proper sanitation and infrastructure. To achieve this, Mruna designs and installs on-site solutions that treat and reuse wastewater for such communities. They do so in a manner that improves the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable and underserved communities, and that increases their awareness of the dangers of untreated wastewater.

Investment Thesis

Total addressable market: $40 billion by 2026, expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% Serviceable available market: $20 million in Lebanon Serviceable obtainable market: $4 million in the first 5 years The rising global awareness of water pollution, rapid urbanization, and poor infrastructure for centralized treatment are expected to surge the demand for decentralized wastewater treatment in the MENA region.

Refugee Impact

To date:
• Installed treatment system at Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI) to showcase technology, tackle behavioral change, and encourage social acceptance.
• Eliminated dumping of untreated wastewater for 8 refugee camps and 2 municipalities.
• Increased awareness of decentralized wastewater treatment and water reuse through outreach to refugees, visits by students, and national news coverage.
• 2023: Treat wastewater for 10 additional refugee camps, and 5 municipalities.


Ziad Hussami, Managing Director, Urban planning & environmental consulting experience
Yasmine Jabali, R&D Manager, Analytical Chemistry, expertise in water & wastewater
Gerard Dagher, Manufacturing & Technology, Information Technology experience and tech
Nadim Hussami, Business Manager, HR experience with Physics and Business background
Team: 11 people o/w 40% women