A Uganda-based agricultural extension and processing company that produces cotton and sesame. GADC has three objectives: 1) increase production and productivity, 2) increase market access and 3) improve Financial inclusion for farmers. GADC runs an extension network through an area coordinator (field officer) who lead/train a group of 10 farmers who in turn train other farmers (25-30). The training is supplemented with field days where farmers participate and lead engagements on demo plots.

Investment Thesis

Investors consider Uganda’s agricultural potential to be among the best in Africa, with low temperature variability, fertile soils, and two rainy seasons over much of the country – leading to multiple crop harvests per year.

GADC is the only commercial cotton ginnery in the Gulu District of Northern Uganda. GADC sources both organic and conventionally-produced cotton from over 55,000 smallholder farmers in the region. The company gins the cotton and sells the cotton lint to international buyers, providing farmers with much-needed market access. There are investments opportunities in helping GADC increase market access and productivity.

Refugee Impact

The company operates three cotton ginneries and a timber company in crisis-affected regions in Uganda, employing over 850 people – over 80 percent of whom have been forcibly displaced or are from refugee host communities. They train refugees and equip them with farming skills. GADC also works in Bidibidi settlement.


Bruce Robertson – CEO