Nazava began in 2009 in Indonesia with the mission to provide safe drinking water to everyone, every where. They produce and trade high quality WHO-certified ceramic water filters that purify rain, well, tap, or river water without the need for boiling or using electricity. Around 600K people in over 30 countries use their filter to have safe, affordable drinking water. In 2021 the company also launched in Kenya to serve the East African market where they currently sell around 800 units per month. Nazava is a strong player in the humanitarian market with a long-term agreement with UNICEF. Their filters have been deployed in dozens crisis situations in countries such as Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines and Ukraine.

Investment Thesis

We are always seeking opportunities to expand our activities in the humanitarian sector. We are encouraged by the success of our work in Ukraine and the impact it has had providing safe drinking water and supporting the Ukrainian economy. Unfortunately, 13.6 million Ukrainians still lack access to safe drinking water and this number will likely continue to grow as the war rages on. Therefore, we are interested in forming partnerships with other organizations in Ukraine and elsewhere globally to provide safe drinking water to vulnerable populations and provide meaningful jobs to refugees and IDPs around the world.

Refugee Impact

Through our long term agreement with UNICEF we provided 10,000 filters to war victims in Ukraine and an additional 10,000 with support from a crowdfunding campaign. We ship the ceramic filter elements from our factory in Bandung. From there the filters are assembled using locally sourced materials, supporting the Ukrainian economy, and are assembled by a team of 25 IDPs who earn a fair salary. The assembly and distribution of filters is supported by our NGO partners on the ground in Ukraine. More information about our Ukraine program can be found here. Our LTA with UNICEF has also been used to provide our water filters to vulnerable populations in Venezuela.


Lieselotte Heederik, Director and co-founder

Guido van Hofwegen, Director and co-founder