TaQadam is a technology start-up which makes visual data AI ready. They offer on-demand image annotation using a mobile application and a team of agents trained on a growing number of use cases.

Investment thesis

With an API and a cloud-based architecture, TaQadam provides companies with an effective and secure way to annotate image data sets with high accuracy and precision. In 2019 they announced a partnership with Techfugees to expand their expertise in the domains of aerial imagery, driverless cars, mapping, GIS, and computer vision applications.

Potential refugee impact

TaQadam is a mobile platform aimed at providing ambitious young refugees in need of paid work, a work opportunity in an innovative tech market. TaQadam trains talented refugees, youth and women on image data annotation to become “data trainers” for Artificial Intelligence. TaQadam actively recruits youth from UN digital skills training courses with a focus on Syrian and Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon. In doing so, the company has built a high-quality, dedicated teams and a competitive business model for a variety of industries.


Karina Grosheva – Founder & CEO
Wisam Naji – Co-Founder & CTO


TaQadam PBC is a US-registered Public Benefit Corporation with a social mission to advance economic opportunities and build sustainable peace.