Seek is a social enterprise that aims to support refugees into employment. They provide CV help, job-seeking advice, interview practice and – most importantly – connections to employers in the UK. For employers, the platform is a great place to find qualified candidates, improve corporate diversity and fulfill CSR objectives.

Investment thesis

Research has routinely proven that refugees are among the most dedicated and reliable employees, yet they often face some small barriers to joining the labour market. Seek aims to remove these barriers allowing refugees to build happy, stable lives. In multiple geographies refugee job placement services have found notable success, building relationships with employers seeking to make a positive impact while hiring high quality staff. Seek is well-positioned to prosper within the UK.

Potential refugee impact

Many refugees struggle to access formal work opportunities in their new countries. Many are unfamiliar with the job-seeking process and lack the social networks necessary to access certain openings. Seek allows refugees to upload their CVs and apply for pre-identified openings while receiving career services from a dedicated support team.


Chris Whitehead – Founder


Seek Refugee Services CIC is a social enterprise based in London, UK.