Sanivation is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the overall dignity, health, and environment of urbanizing communities and refugee camps in East Africa through delivering clean, safe, and efficient sanitation services. Worldwide, less than 10% of human waste is properly treated before it is dumped into the environment. Sanivation partners with local governments to transform human feces into solid fuel, creating a profit by removing waste from the environment. The fuel they produce saves 88 trees per ton, which helps curb deforestation. Sanivation currently has operations in Naivasha, Kenya as well as in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Investment thesis

Sanivation, a Kenyan-based sanitation social enterprise, has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the top 10 most innovative companies in Africa. Sanivation develops and implements cost-effective sanitation systems for local governments in secondary cities that improve the environment and well-being of residents.  Sanivation’s services include household container-based toilets, safe and regular sludge collection, city and regional planning, and waste-to-energy treatment plants that convert sludge into high performing biomass fuels. Additionally, Sanivation licenses their model to refugee camps to help meet the demand for rapidly and locally deployable sanitation services. Sanivation works with implementing partners to design, build, and train local staff and refugees on operating improved sanitation services that meet the demands of camp residents.

Potential refugee impact

Sanivation’s approach lowers costs and improves health outcomes for refugees. Currently they have operations in Kakuma Refugee Camp, with plans to expand regionally within East Africa to serve other displaced populations. Their work was recently highlighted in IFC’s report: Private Sector & Refugees: Pathways to Scale, and by UNHCR in the Container-based Toilets with Solid Fuel Briquettes Guidelines.


Andrew Foote – Co-Founder & CEO
Emily Woods – Co-Founder & COO


Sanivation is incorporated in the United States with operations in Kenya.