More Than One Perspective’s (MTOP) mission is to support labor market integration by connecting Austrian companies and highly skilled, recognized refugees. In doing so MTOP helps companies to eliminate prejudices in their workforce, leverage diversity to increase productivity, and facilitate refugee integration into host communities. MTOP also offers leadership development programs and team building activities with a special focus on diversity. Their activities are organized into three programs:

1. MTOP Associate Program
Comprised of classroom workshops and individual coaching sessions over the course of six months the associate program prepares highly qualified refugees (our ‘associate’) for the Austrian labor market.

2. MTOP Connect
MTOP Connect matches highly educated refugees with suitable job opportunities. With a growing network of companies and hiring partners, MTOP connects graduates of the Associate Program with the Austrian labor market.

3. MTOP Experience
The MTOP Experience targets companies to foster their employees’ personal development and leadership skills with an emphasis on creating social impact. Depending on a company’s individual needs, MTOP offers a multi-month development program or one-day team building activities.

Investment thesis

MTOP has three main income streams reflecting its diverse service offerings. Government contracts for refugee training fund the MTOP Associate Program, while private corporate contracts finance MTOP Connect and MTOP Experience, both of which are profitable. Working with hiring partners, MTOP matches highly trained refugees with employment openings, charging a fee for each hire. The company also offers leadership development programs and cultural awareness trainings to corporate clients. MTOP continues to expand its offerings throughout Austria with a growing network of hiring partners in Vienna and beyond.

Potential refugee impact

MTOP works with highly trained refugees to find them suitable employment opportunities which match their skills and expertise. The vast majority of Associate Program graduates have either a business, engineering, or IT degree in their home country. Through their Associate, Connect, & Experience programs, MTOP is able to provide the training and support necessary to ensure refugees succeed in their new work environments.

Approximately 70% of MTOP alumni are employed upon completing the company’s training program. MTOP has a robust network of hiring partners throughout Austria committed to hiring refugees in fields variety from Information Technology to Economics. To date, MTOP has graduated 192 highly skilled refugees.


Nina Poxleitner – Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Julian F. Richter – Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Lisa-Maria Sommer – Co-Founder & Managing Partner


MTOP is a social business founded in 2016 by Nina Poxleitner, Julian Richter and Lisa-Maria Sommer. While they were working for two years as Teach For Austria Fellows at New Secondary Schools in Vienna they realized that true integration in Austria is not working. Determined to show the huge potential of diversity and successful integration, MTOP was born. MTOP is a social enterprise headquartered in Vienna, Austria with clients throughout the country.