Equator works with smallholder farmers and processors to produce traceable products that are safe for consumers. They farm maize, pumpkin, soy, and beans in order to process them into foods for various categories, including babies aged 6 months to 6 years, pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as elderly people and entire families.

Investment Thesis

Equator is currently at the growth stage in their business development, with plans to hire more employees, including refugees, and to amplify its brand identity.

Refugee Impact

Equator engages refugee communities in pumpkin-growing as it is one of the most highly nutritious foods. As a contribution towards food security in areas such as resilience to shocks and stress, the company currently empowers 4 refugee farmer groups (mainly women in Kyaka II and Rwamwanja Refugee settlement camps) by giving them pumpkin seeds and training them how to plant and grow them for food sustainability. They intend to buy some produce from these refugees and process it, with the farmers themselves being taught how to do value-addition.


Florence Kakande – CEO, Director