A.I. Forte is a Canadian social enterprise which seeks to develop telecommunication platforms as well as blockchain encrypted reference systems to be used by aid agencies, governments, and forcibly displaced people more broadly. The team comes with a wealth of experience in digital security, communications, and health technology. Prior to establishing A.I. Forte, the founding team was responsible for the design and implementation of Dubai Ports World’s supply chain application stack, ATF Health Canada’s security stack, as well as identity management solutions in the eHealth domain for a provincial government in Canada.

Investment thesis

A.I. Forte has established a memorandum of understanding with the International Development and Relief Fund as well as a partnership with the International Blue Crescent. Through these relationships they have honed their ability to deliver technology products which serve the needs of development agencies, humanitarian actors, as well as displaced persons.

Potential refugee impact

A.I. Forte is developing a telemedicine platform that combines telecommunication and information technology to provide professional healthcare services remotely. The program will improve access to medical services that are often not available to refugees, internally displaced persons, or those in war zones. They are also using blockchain to provide forcibly displaced people access a unique digital I.D which can be based on their United Nations registered identification. Such an identification will facilitate access to a variety of financial, educational, and legal services.


Tariq Tyab – Director
Yusuf Serag – Program Director


A.I. Forte is a social enterprise incorporated in Canada.