Started in 2018, Agreennovate Consultancy Services is an innovative agribusiness on a mission to cultivate underutilized fertile land through a unique profit-sharing model that shares income among landowners, small-holder farmers, and employees. Agreenovate’s approach combines the cultivation of nucleus farms (ideally 300+ acres) with an out-grower scheme while providing training and capacity building of farmers and aggregation of agricultural produce.

Investment Thesis

In the pipeline of ACL’s projects, there are 1,200 acres in Amuru district, near several refugee settlements. Over the next ten years, ACL intends to employ nearly 30,000 people in Uganda as they scale up their nucleus farm model.

Refugee Impact

With 1,200 acres in Amuru district, surrounded by refugee settlements and host communities, Agreennovate is expanding its operations, establishing mechanized units and/or extension services, and employing nearly 30,000 people in Uganda alone, with a focus on Northern Uganda. Investment in ACL will increase their ability to provide higher incomes for their out-grower schemes and improve sustainability for smallholder farmers. This will also lead to improved food security for refugees and host communities. Investment in ACL will improve training, capacity building and skills of the refugees in both the settlements and host communities and agricultural value chain linkages that participate in the ACL out-grower model.


ACL was founded by a team with vast experience in agriculture and structuring public-private partnerships, motivated by the opportunity to convert idle farmland into a profitable asset, creating employment and equipping small holder farmers.

  • Apollo Muyanja Mbazira- Cofounder, Director & CEO
  • Brenda Nabiryo Muyanja – Cofounder
  • Collins Mayanja – Co- Founder & member of the advisory board
  • Nina J. Ngabirano – Finance & Administration Manager.
  • Quinto Owino – Agronomist.

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