Valiu creates opportunities for people to send and receive money internationally.


TerraBlanca is an impact investment fund which aims to empower the Internally Displaced Population (IDPs) and other vulnerable groups affected by the internal conflict in Colombia.

Kaah International Microfinance Services

Kaah International Microfinance Services (KIMS) is the Somali market leader in the provision of Sharia compliant Microfinance services. KIMS has been in operation since 2013 and to date has provided over $14 million in financing to more than 13,700 clients. At present KIMS has an active portfolio of more than 4,150 clients worth $3.8 million.


Yapip is a marketplace that connects online traders to financial analysts expert at low trading fees to increase gains for traders.


WorkAround was founded by CEO Wafaa Arbash out of her desire to create a sustainable solution to the challenges faced by displaced people. WorkAround offers refugees, displaced persons, and other marginalized communities the opportunity to engage in “micro-work.” Individuals are hired as consultants through the WorkAround platform and then hired by a variety of technology, health, and education firms to provide data management, annotation, and cleaning services.


Skilllab is a social business developing technology-based solutions to empower the integration of refugees into local labour markets. Skilllab develops software technology that captures the employable skills of disadvantaged job seekers such as refugees and migrants and matches their skills to local labour markets. They are motivated by a belief that the dignity of independence through work is a fundamental right that functioning labour markets should provide.

SEP Jordan

SEP is a Jordanian social enterprise sourcing and producing high quality fashion and lifestyle accessories hand-embroidered by refugees in the Jerash and Azraq camps. Established in 2017 by Roberta Ventura, and working in partnership with the UNHCR, SEP is transforming the lives of over 500 Palestinian and Syrian refugee artisans living in Jordan. The SEP artists benefit from above-market rates and performance-related bonuses while producing fashion items of superior quality. The artists are at the core of SEP’s business model, providing creative input on all the company’s designs and products.


BizGees is an innovation driven enterprise using alternative finance for financial inclusion dedicated to improving refugees’ access to the financial tools they need to succeed. They are a born global finTech startup supporting two different refugee communities. One community is in Northern Pakistan where 2.5 million people experienced displacement. The second community is in Uganda and Kenya.

Leaf Global Fintech

Leaf offers integrated financial services to refugees and internally displaced persons, using blockchain to create a safe and secure system for individuals to store assets, receive payments, and make cross-border transfers. This suite of products works on any mobile phone (no smartphone required), providing easier access to particularly vulnerable populations. By using blockchain to facilitate digital payments, customers avoid unnecessarily high transaction costs charged by traditional money transfer companies. They can access Leaf’s digital wallet wherever they go and receive deposits from friends and family abroad straight to their mobile device. Refugees and other displaced persons are often at risk of criminal activity as a result of carrying cash, and physical currency is especially difficult to safely store and transport across borders. Leaf provides individuals with an opportunity to create a secure economic identity while also lowering the barrier to accessing key financial services.