The Portico Limited produces accessible, affordable, and eco-friendly biofuels with the goal of becoming a key producer and supplier of renewable energy products in the East African Region.

Investment Thesis

There are several challenges associated with using traditional biofuels. First, with limited access to electrical power, most people in Uganda rely on wood for energy consumption, leading to massive deforestation. Second, women often collect firewood, facing increased risk of sexual harassment and assault. Third, the burning of traditional biofuels has negative consequences on health due to indoor air pollution. Four, waste management remains a challenge in low-income communities in Uganda, creating sanitation and health issues.

The Portico Limited addresses these challenges by planting oilseed-bearing trees and producing accessible, affordable, and eco-friendly biofuels. They also create value for waste by recycling them into their production. Finally, The Portico Limited creates income-generating opportunities for low-income communities in Uganda through its value chain.

Refugee Impact

Growth would enable the Portico Limited to continuously provide employment opportunities, create income-generation opportunities through its value chain, and directly contribute to the economy through the direct purchase of goods and services by and from the local refugee community. Increased production capacity and efficiency will also improve refugees’ access to energy products by reducing costs.


Timothy Mwogeza, Founder and Managing Director
Peace Mwogeza Co-Founder and Human Resource Director
Alexandria Mwogeza, Oversight Finance
Robert Kayindi, Oversight Production
Sam Kabuga Oversight Western Regional Sites
Hakim Makelele, Oversight Briquettes & Palm Kernel oil Factory Nakivale Refugee Settlement

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