SOLVillion is a startup that was established in 2019 with a mission to provide solutions for septic tank problems through the Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (DWWS). The System is locally manufactured and designed in a way that could be installed over or underground for treating wastewater to be reused for gardening and farming purposes. The DWWS is safe, affordable, environmentally friendly, and is odorless.

Investment Thesis

SOLVillion installed 58 systems that connected 12000 people to sewerage systems in 7 cities including Amman, Al Mafraq, Jerash and Ajloun. They trained 320 young people on water treatment and design thinking to equip them with the required skills to integrate within the labor market. SOLVillion clearly understands the importance of installing their system within the refugee camps as well as that of building strong partnerships. Currently, they have several partnerships with local and international institutions, including but not limited to UNDP, Oxford Product Design, JoinUp, King Abdullah II Fund For Development and Al al-Bayt University and a customer base that includes Mercy Corps, Action Against Hunger, World Vision, and Toilets for All.

Refugee Impact

SOLVillion qualifies as an R3 company, as they hire refugees and they provide services that directly benefit refugees and host communities. In addition to that, SOLVillion’s business model is built on offering direct training programs to the youth including engineers, technicians, plumbers, and university students in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) sector, to provide them with practical knowledge and skills to be integrated within the labor market. A technical support facility could also be designed and introduced to subsidize the training courses offered to young Jordanians and refugees to equip them with the required skill set to enable them to access the labor market.


Aia Abul-Haj – Co-Founder & Business Development Manager
Motaz Al Thaher – Co-Founder & Operations Manager