KadAfrica builds agribusiness value chains to offer a market for crops grown by refugee out-growers, while working with the out-growers to build capacity and ensure quality of crops. Through their extension services and agriculture training, out-growers expand their knowledge, access quality seedlings and increase the yield and quality of their crops.

Investment Thesis

80% of Ugandans rely on agriculture as a source of income yet the vast majority of them are smallholders. KadAfrica situates itself in the agribusiness value chain to help grow the value of farmers and their practices.

Refugee Impact

Uganda is currently hosting more than 1.3 million refugees and continues to receive new arrivals. 70% of refugee households rely on humanitarian food distribution as their main source of food. KadAfrica is different from most livelihood programs as they offer access to a guaranteed market. KadAfrica is engaging more than 3,000 refugees across Ugandan refugee settlements.


Eric Kaduru – CEO and Founder