Founded in 2000 by Mohammed Seid and his brother Ahmed Beshir, Brothers Flour and Biscuit Factory produces wheat flours and eight varieties of biscuits for the local market. Their facility is located on the edge of Adama city limits and has a production capacity of 30 to 40 tons of wheat flour and 25 to 30 tons of biscuits per day. The company produces some of the most popular brands of biscuits in Ethiopia, such as Fegegta Hard Cracker and Glory Cream, which enjoy a considerable market share.

Investment Thesis

Brothers Flour and Biscuit Factory already holds a strong market share, producing some of the better-known biscuit names in the market. They are a large employer in the city with opportunity to further expand employment through their growth.

Refugee Impact

Brothers’ business model presents numerous opportunities to engage the host and refugee community around Adama.
First, expansion of operations will naturally increase employment opportunities. With the appropriate guidance from the RLI network, recruitment could target refugee populations, as well as the host community.
As an agro-processing operation, there is also significant opportunity to engage and source from smallholder farmers in the wheat value chain. Refugee and refugee populations are frequently engaged in agriculture, so this is a natural pathway to RLI inclusion.


With Mohammed Seid as the current Owner and General Manager as well as Ahmed Beshir as Management Support, each of Brothers’ five operational departments has a manager who is overseen by a deputy manager. The company has a total of 1572 employees.

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