Senara صنارة is an environmental and social enterprise with the mission to empower entrepreneurs in marginalized communities. It does that currently through two projects: 1) Hydroponic Farming project which focuses on producing and installing hydroponic systems as farming solutions for rooftops and agricultural lands; 2) Call Center project which builds the capacity of refugees in Gaza Refugee Camp and creates job opportunities for them. The business started in Gaza Refugee Camp in Jerash in 2019 as a pilot project with an objective of installing hydroponic systems for the families living in the camp to provide them with a sustainable income.

Investment Thesis

Senara’s main revenue streams are generated from: 1. Selling the hydroponic units 2. Offering hydroponic farming training 3. Selling subscriptions to hydroponic owners to provide them with the raw farming materials, maintenance and technical support in addition to providing them with sales channels and access to market 4. Call Center services.
Senara is currently working on developing their sales channels by selling the fresh produce to validate the value chain and generate income for entrepreneurs and Senara. Additionally, Senara is in the process of building a franchising model, through which they will be providing direct finance (leasing options) to hydroprepreneurs who wish to run and manage the hydroponic units.

Refugee Impact

Senara is uniquely positioned as it qualifies for R2, R3 and R4: Senara is led by a refugee from Gaza, is hiring refugees and is supporting refugees to become business owners and to generate sustainable income. Supporting Senara with its fundraising efforts, and providing them with the affordable and appropriate financing tools will enable them to hire more refugees in different areas across Jordan, to further empower families living in underprivileged areas to run their business by equipping them with the appropriate tools and technical capacity to generate sustainable income.