In the summer of 2022, the Jubilee Foundation asked RIN to conduct an assessment for Refugee Lens Investing (RLI) in the UK. The resulting research has provided a comprehensive landscape of both the challenges and opportunities found in the UK market, including a pipeline of refugee lens enterprises, and unique insights from: leading social and impact investing firms, banks, grant makers, refugee-led organizations, entrepreneurship-support organizations, and think tanks.

RIN found that the UK market – with its robust set of interested capital partners – presents a tremendous opportunity for the creation of RLI as a new vertical in the UK’s impact investing ecosystem. The report, “Unlocking Refugee Self-Reliance in the UK: A Market Assessment for Refugee Lens Investing,” thus offers a first-of-a-kind investment road map that will help shift the current humanitarian paradigm.
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As RIN accelerates its work in the UK to build the field and expand the community of practice for RLI in partnership with key social investors, we are keen to continue conversations beyond this initial assessment. We invite you to get in touch with us to share your interest and experience in RLI.