About the Program

The “Resilient 100” cohort is part of Silver Lining’s Impact5X program, an economic justice initiative funded by JP Morgan Chase, GoDaddy, and a collective of other private funders. Through this program, refugee-led and refugee-supporting companies from all over the world are receiving virtual business coaching rooted in behavior-change science, investment readiness support, and networking opportunities.

Over half of the participating companies are owned or led directly by refugees. Most are located in East Africa and the Middle East & North Africa, with more than 10 based in a refugee camp or settlement. Participating businesses represent a range of sectors, including fashion & design, food & beverage, education, and agriculture. A quarter of businesses are leveraging technology solutions to address challenges like education, employment or agriculture.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for the Resilient 100, a business must be at least partially refugee-owned or co-managed, OR supporting refugees in a measurable way through direct products and services, employment, workforce development, or improved humanitarian delivery capacity.

RIN has an inclusive definition of “refugee,” encompassing all forcibly displaced people. Ventures with a positive social impact on communities that welcome refugees are also supported.

What Are the Benefits?

Silver Lining’s Impact 5X program combats systemic bias and inequality and helps more small businesses succeed by providing underserved business owners with access to the same people, products, and services as their more privileged counterparts.

Resilient 100 participants become a part of RIN’s community of entrepreneurs and receive investment readiness and facilitation support, including webinars, company spotlights, and the opportunity to be featured in an entrepreneurs showcase publication for impact investors, development finance institutions, and other RIN capital partners.


They also receive all of Silver Lining’s Impact 5x offerings to small businesses:

  • SLAP (Silver Lining Action Plan) – Silver Lining’s comprehensive 13-month SLAP program to help you set and hit your growth goals
  • SLAP Loans – Access to unsecured SLAP Loans which are given based on your SLAP behavior – not credit score, collateral or any other traditional finance metric that prohibits many business owners from marginalized backgrounds from accessing capital
  • GoDaddy’s Empower Program – Digital training and access to GoDaddy products to help you build an online presence and close the digital divide that is even more urgent post COVID for small business owners
  • Storytelling Training – Teaching you to tell your stories using video and photographs at no cost – just using your phones
  • Silver Circle Global Network – Access to Silver Lining’s global network of business owners, partners, and stakeholders, creating an instant global network
  • Impact Champion Connections – Targeted support from program donors who are committed to opening doors and creating opportunities for all participants

Entrepreneur Support Organizations:

To explore partnership opportunities with the Resilient 100, get in touch with RIN’s Entrepreneurship Lead Selen Ucak at [email protected]

Browse past Resilient 100 workshops and programming below: