The Washington, D.C.-based company raised $1.2 million in a seed round from investment firms including Bisk Ventures and Next Wave Impact.


In 2019, NeedsList raised $1 million from Amplio Ventures, Marigold Capital, Omidyar Network, Next Wave Impact, Silicon Valley Social Ventures, and Kuo Sharper Fund.


In 2007, SEAF invested 1.2 million Euros to help scale Gomex, a refugee-owned supermarket chain.

BRCK Limited

BRCK raised $3 million from Jean and Steve Case, Jim Sorenson, TED, MKS Alternative Investments and Synergy Energy.


Funzi, an online education company, received a $500,000 investment from Vertical VC.


Inkomoko received $1 million to expand their financial and business services offerings to refugee entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Alianza Shire

Alianaza Shire created a public-private partnership to improve energy services and in refugee camps and host communities.


Pawame, an off-grid, pay-as-you-go solar company, received $543,000 in debt financing from TRINE to expand their operations.


In 2008, ITWORX sold 79 percent of its shares to an investment consortium: Euromena Fund, Venture Capital Bank and Proparco.

PowerGen EPC

PowerGen, a solar energy company that has provided off-grid infrastructure for refugee camps, closed a $4.5 Series A in 2017.


In 2019, BanQu received a $1.4M investment from ZX Ventures to expand their operations..