NewBees prepares newcomers, refugees, for a job: for a place in society. They match newcomers to traineeships with local entrepreneurs and organizations, where talent and equality are key.


Skilllab is a social business developing technology-based solutions to empower the integration of refugees into local labour markets. Skilllab develops software technology that captures the employable skills of disadvantaged job seekers such as refugees and migrants and matches their skills to local labour markets. They are motivated by a belief that the dignity of independence through work is a fundamental right that functioning labour markets should provide.

Makers Unite

Since winning the 2016 Refugee Challenge organized by What Design Can Do, UNHCR and Ikea Foundation, Makers Unite has experienced tremendous growth as a social enterprise dedicated to creating and empowering a network of refugee designers and locals working together to forge a more inclusive future. They work to empower newcomers to Europe by engaging their creativity to produce innovative products and fashion items. Examples include handbags made from recycled life-vests worn by refugees from the shores of Greece, and a collaboration between Syrian soap makers and a Dutch ceramic company Cor Unum.