RIN Feature

The new ROI: The Refugee Opportunity Index

In partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit, the RIN is proud to announce the Refugee Opportunity Index. The ROI will shine a light on policy shortcomings and serve as a tool to incentivize policy reforms that support refugee economic integration and inclusive growth.

Mobilizing private capital to back solutions to the migration crisis in Latin America

Fabiola Salman, Marcos Paya, and Sylvia Warren from Dalberg Advisors detail the opportunities for individuals, investors, and governments to collaborate to find solutions to the migration crisis in Latin America. With case studies focused on Mexico, the Northern Triangle and Venezuela, they examine the innovative enterprises and financial tools being used to improve the livelihoods of thousands of displaced people.

Why This Bay Area University Is Supporting Refugee Business

This Forbes interview with Thane Kreiner of the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University details the ways that the RIN works with incubators and accelerators to build the field of refugee investing. The Miller Center has a dedicated program for refugee entrepreneurs and is planning to have a second cohort of entrepreneurs in the near future.

RIN Feature

Refugee lens investing arrives

This Euromoney feature on the RIN’s launch details the organizations initiatives, along with the work of its partners to find sustainable and durable solutions to the crisis of forced migration. RIN founder John Kluge is interviewed to discuss the Refugee Lens, as are Lev Plaves from Kiva and Kasra Movahedi from IRC’s Center for Economic Opportunity.

Project Understanding: The global refugee crisis

In this special report, Ipsos contributes to building a better global understanding of the benefits of welcoming refugees. Managing Directors John Kluge and Tim Docking co-author a chapter on Refugee Investing in this report on private sector involvement in solutions to global forced migration.

RIN Feature

Growing investor interest in solutions for, and by, refugees

ImpactAlpha details the RIN’s efforts to match investable refugee-focused funds and ventures with investors. “Investors are already participating in refugee and migration deals,” John Kluge of the Refugee Investment Network told ImpactAlpha. “What is new and what is changing is that there are increasingly more investors doing this by design and intent.”