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The new era of refugee investing

RIN Managing Directors, John Kluge and Tim Docking, co-authored an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review on how investment can unlock the potential of refugees and help propel economic development.

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How investors can unlock the potential of refugee entrepreneurs

RIN Managing Directors, John Kluge and Tim Docking, shed light on how the private sector can change the narrative surrounding refugees. The RIN’s recently released report, “Paradigm Shift: How investment can unlock the potential of refugees” illustrates the massive and urgent need for private capital to help mitigate the refugee crisis. Perhaps more importantly, however, it highlights a growing, sustainable opportunity for investors to engage.

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Media titan’s son paves path to profit for refugee entrepreneurs

Bloomberg interviews John Kluge, Refugee Investment Network founder, about the refugee investment space. John Kluge and his team seek to mobilize $1 billion by 2030 for investments in refugee-led and refugee-supporting businesses to benefit forcibly displaced communities.

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Banking on refugees

A recent report from the new Refugee Investment Network defines what ought to qualify as a refugee investment – in terms of ownership, impact, or management. RIN describes itself as a groundbreaking “impact investing and blended finance collaborative”. Its study gets ahead of controversial clichés like entrepreneurial refugees to analyze what a range of market players deem investable and what type of connective tissue is needed.

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New Refugee Investment Network announced

The Refugee Investment Network (RIN) was announced today as the first impact investing and blended finance collaborative dedicated to creating sustainable solutions to global forced migration. The RIN aims to prove that refugees are investable, and will help to move capital from the sidelines into sustainable refugee investments.

Five famous refugees

The United States has a long tradition of offering refuge to those fleeing persecution and war. Meet some of the well-known artists, ambassadors, and other luminaries who were once refugees.

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SOCAP18: A Conversation with John Kluge and Tim Docking

John Kluge and Tim Docking believe that the key to unlocking innovative solutions that help refugees is increased capital investment. Their organization, the Refugee Investment Network (RIN), is the first blended finance investment collaborative dedicated to creating long-term solutions to global forced migration.