Success Stories

The 85-year-old tech entrepreneur who made her staff millionaires

June 14, 2019
Dame Stephanie Shirley, a child refugee from Nazi Germany, recalls the challenges she faced as an outsider founding her multi-million dollar business.
Success Stories

Syrian refugees launch social enterprise to promote refugee employment

June 5, 2019
Three Syrian refugees launched Seeba, a painting company, to create fair and equal opportunities for refugees, especially women, to work.
Success Stories

Reuters – Work not handouts: Entrepreneurs reboot image of refugees

May 30, 2019
Reuters covers entrepreneurs redefining the image of refugees, featuring the RIN’s Tim Docking and our work with 734 Coffee.
Success Stories

NPR – Hola Code offers aid to a young generation of deported DREAMers

May 26, 2019
Hola Code is a software engineering program focused on integrating former migrants who returned or were deported to Mexico.
Success Stories

Tykn: From a refugee camp to a $1.2 million investment

May 20, 2019
The blockchain startup, founded by Syrian entrepreneur Tey Al-Rjula, scored a $1.2 Million Investment from Dutch IT entrepreneur Johan Mastenbroek.
Success Stories

Rebuilding Lives in the Kyrgyz Republic

May 18, 2019
After escaping human trafficking, Sirojiddin returned home to start a bakery said to serve some of the best naan in the region.
Success Stories

Refugee entrepreneur building successful businesses in Turkey

May 12, 2019
When businessman Haji Yakup Burhan fled the violence in Afghanistan, he brought with him his family and all his money. Two years ago, he opened a restaurant in Turkey, taking advantage of the country’s relatively open business environment for refugees.
Success Stories

Selling Shawarma Helps This Syrian Refugee Adapt to Life in America

April 25, 2019
A refugee from Syria who moved to the United States three years ago with his wife and two daughters, Abdulraheem has learned to embrace the interest the community has in not only his food, but his background as well. “I like to share my food and my country with people here. This food is my country,” he says.
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How an Iranian refugee turned a $1000 router into a $25 million internet business

March 5, 2019
For Sam Bashiry, an emotional breakdown outside Centrelink and a $1000 second-hand purchase became a $25 million-a-year success story.
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Afghan refugees to open bank accounts in Pakistan

February 25, 2019
Pakistani authorities are beginning to legally register Afghan refugees for open bank accounts and help them become part of the country’s formal economy.
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Ethiopia allows almost 1 million refugees to go to work

January 17, 2019
Ethiopia’s recent law gives almost 1 million refugees the right to work and live outside of camps.
Success Stories

Al Goldstein: from child refugee to billion-dollar company

November 1, 2018
Al Goldstein, who came to America as a refugee at 8 years old, is co-founder and CEO of Avant. This personal loan platform recently achieved profitability and received numerous awards.