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Refugee Investment Network launches to connect investors and refugee entrepreneurs
June 20, 2019
On World Refugee Day, RIN gathers investors, entrepreneurs, humanitarian leaders, and donors to bridge the gap between capital and refugee-owned or -supporting ventures.
Work not handouts: Entrepreneurs reboot image of refugees
June 6, 2019
This Reuters article illustrates the desire of refugees to build lives and redefine the perception of refugees through entrepreneurship. RIN Managing Director Tim Docking, featured in the article, adds “this is a very entrepreneurial, hardworking, gritty group of folks who want to work, versus get handouts, and need investment capital to get going.”
Initiative for Inclusive Investment in Mexico (3IM) announced
April 29, 2019
3IM is a new cross-sector, cross-border partnership that will attract long-term strategic growth capital for investments in Mexico through the inclusion of displaced people in economic development projects. 3IM will foster new venture creation and the expansion of employment, workforce development, and skills matching to create thousands of jobs and enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mexico while also reducing unemployment and displacement.
The new era of refugee investing
January 14, 2019
RIN Managing Directors, John Kluge and Tim Docking, co-authored an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review on how investment can unlock the potential of refugees and help propel economic development.
Patrick Timmons
Patrick Timmons is a human rights and humanitarian crisis freelance investigator, journalist, and producer based on the U.S.-Mexico border. He has covered immigration for over 15 years, with bylines in news outlets including The Guardian, United Press International, The Texas Observer, The Telegraph, and El País. He is the founder and curator of the Mexican Journalism Translation Project: a blog which provides translations from Spanish to English of human rights stories by at-risk Mexican and Central American journalists. Timmons has worked as a human rights consultant, capital punishment mitigation specialist, and adjunct professor at the University of Texas at El Paso. He holds a Ph.D in Latin American History from the University of Texas at Austin, and an LL.M in International Human Rights Law from the University of Essex.
Betsy Alley
Betsy Alley is a strategy and business development professional focused on impact investing and the potential of businesses to create commercially viable solutions for inclusive economic development, poverty alleviation, and climate change. She worked at the International Finance Corporation, leading initiatives for its Fragile and Conflict-Affected States program, including the use of blended finance. She also served as a program coordinator for SME Ventures, IFC’s pioneering program to launch frontier-market private equity funds in some of the world’s toughest markets. As part of Alley’s focus on increasing private investment in developing economies, she has a particular interest in private sector solutions to forced displacement; women’s empowerment and gender lens investing; and promoting entrepreneurship. Alley holds an MBA in Marketing, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship from London Business School.
Christine Mahoney
Christine Mahoney is Professor of Public Policy and Politics at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, Director of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Virginia, and a member of the RIN’s steering committee. She studies social justice advocacy, activism and direct action through social entrepreneurship. Her first book Brussels vs. the Beltway (Georgetown University Press) explored how advocates shape public policy in two of the most powerful political systems on the planet: the US and the EU. She conducted fieldwork in seven conflict zones in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America for her second book Failure and Hope: Fighting for the Rights of the Forcibly Displaced (Cambridge University Press). The book argues we need to advance social entrepreneurship for the 60 million people displaced by violent conflict worldwide. She has been a Fulbright Fellow, Visiting Scholar at Oxford, a National Science Foundation grant recipient, and recipient of the Emerging Scholar award from the American Political Science Association.
Global Refugee Entrepreneurship Summit
Oct 31st-1st 2019
London, UK
Hosted by NatWest Bank &
the Centre for Entrepreneurs
Startups Without Borders Summit
Nov 8th-9th 2019
Cairo, Egypt
Hosted by Startups Without Borders
Social Enterprise World Forum
Oct 23rd-25th 2019
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Hosted by SEWF
The new ROI: The Refugee Opportunity Index
July 9, 2019
In partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit, the RIN is proud to announce the Refugee Opportunity Index. The ROI will shine a light on policy shortcomings and serve as a tool to incentivize policy reforms that support refugee economic integration and inclusive growth.
Mobilizing private capital to back solutions to the migration crisis in Latin America
July 2, 2019
This Impact Alpha article, written by Fabiola Salman, Marcos Paya, and Sylvia Warren from Dalberg Advisors details the opportunities for individuals, investors, and governments to collaborate to find solutions to the migration crisis in Latin America. With case studies focused on Mexico, the Northern Triangle and Venezuela, the article examines the innovative enterprises and financial tools being used to improve the livelihoods of thousands of displaced people.
Why This Bay Area University Is Supporting Refugee Business
July 2, 2019
This Forbes interview with Thane Kreiner of the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University details the ways that the RIN works with incubators and accelerators to build the field of refugee investing. The Miller Center has a dedicated program for refugee entrepreneurs and is planning to have a second cohort of entrepreneurs in the near future.
Refugee lens investing arrives
July 1, 2019
This Euromoney feature on the RIN’s launch details the organizations initiatives, along with the work of its partners to find sustainable and durable solutions to the crisis of forced migration. RIN founder John Kluge is interviewed to discuss the Refugee Lens, as are Lev Plaves from Kiva and Kasra Movahedi from IRC’s Center for Economic Opportunity.