About the Training Curriculum

The RIN developed the training curriculum to build the field by educating investors on the who, what and how of refugee investing. The six-module curriculum covers the latest developments in the refugee crisis, what refugee investing is and how to find deals, and strategies for successfully investing for refugee impact. For more information, please contact [email protected]

The refugee investment training curriculum consists of six modules:

Module 1: Refugees and Forced Migration

  1. Who are refugees?
  2. The barriers refugees face
  3. The state of displacement
  4. Impact of forced migration on host communities

Module 2: What is Refugee Investing?

  1. Impact investing and refugee investment
  2. The state of philanthropy
  3. The Refugee Lens
  4. The future of refugee investing

Module 3: Finding Refugee Investing Opportunities

  1. Is refugee investing a good fit for you?
  2. Walk through RIN refugee investment deal platform
  3. Case studies of refugee investment deals
  4. Applying the Refugee Lens to your portfolio

Module 4: Refugee Investing: Leveraging Partners and Tools to Mitigate Risk

  1. The refugee investment ecosystem
  2. Emerging public-private partnerships
  3. The role of blended finance in refugee investing
  4. Pay for success models

Module 5: Refugee Investing: Strategies for Success

  1. Decision making in refugee investing
  2. Managing and constructing refugee investing portfolios
  3. Best practices in refugee venture support services
  4. Activist investing: Leveraging your existing portfolio

Module 6: Evaluating your Impact: M&E for Refugee Investing

  1. Implementing the Refugee Lens
  2. Evaluating refugee impact across your portfolio
  3. Capacity building for refugee ventures
  4. Communicating impact: best practices