Asili Farms is a large grain and oilseed producer that cultivates and manages over 7,500 hectares of land in the Northern and Western regions of Uganda. Asili leases and develops underutilized land, adapting and transferring agricultural practices that increase the yield potential, reduce food insecurity while creating employment opportunities for women and youth. Their key partners and off-takers are food manufactures and protein producers across the region.

In addition, Asili Farms manages dual-season production of maize, soybeans, sunflowers (commercially) and other oil and cereal crops (on a small scale) to supply regional food manufacturers and humanitarian organizations.

Investment Thesis

Although 60% of arable land in the world is in Africa, food security and land utilization remain a challenge. Agriculture in Uganda is mainly rain fed and based on subsistence farming. Asili Farm’s model focuses on using modern agricultural methods on a large scale to maximize the quality of output from farmland. Not only that, Asili Farms is the largest producer of grains and oilseeds in Uganda.

Refugee Impact

With Asili scaling up its operations through investment in agricultural equipment, Asili Farms which borders numerous refugee settlements will increase the employment opportunities for refugees. The company is also well positioned to further train various farmers in these host communities.


Asili Farms was founded by a diverse team of individuals with extensive experience in agribusiness development, agronomy, corporate development, and analysis, with the goal of introducing conservation agriculture practices to Uganda.

  • Eduardo Browne – Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner, experience in building businesses in agriculture, energy, and software.
  • Benjamin Prinz – Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner, corporate development expert.
  • 3. Philipp Prinz – Co-Founder & Co-Managing Partner, experienced consulting analyst.
  • Francisco Podesta – Technical Director, Agronomist.

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